By following Scandinavian philosophy about ecology, zero waste dining, and organic ingredients, we have made a new concept – Sunday healthy breakfast.
Contrary to the classic brunch, food is made for everyone individually according to their needs and wants. We try to use seasonal and organic ingredients, for the result to be not only delicious but also high quality.
We provide more than 30 combinations, which you can choose yourself. Try our baked bread, vegetables, organic meat, country hen eggs or homemade yogurt and make your own breakfast, that will give you energy for the following work week. Natural juice cocktails suit the breakfast very well!
We think that the weekend breakfast is special. Cozy atmosphere. Freshly squeezed juice. Warmth. Delicious food. The smell of coffee. Peace.
Degustation breakfast in the first three Sundays!
For you to have an opinion- two of the dishes from the breakfast menu- For you from us!



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