I have never understood the division and rules of what you should or should not wear. The coding of gender norms begin at the moment we are born, as the baby boy is dressed in blue and later the girl wears braids and pink glittery dress. It continues to grow with us as we get older and the judgment of what we should wear start.

We all are aware that women have a bigger advantage in choosing what we can wear and what would still be socially acceptable. For men, on the other hand, norms are strict and if you don’t want to be judged by every grandma in the town.

What defines gender in fashion?
What makes the difference in the garment?
What are the things, the decision, if this particular piece is made for a woman or man?

Dresses, skirts, sequins, feathers, pearls, flowers, purses, fragility etc. Screams femininity, right?

Let me introduce you to Palomo Spain. The designer behind Palomo Spain, Alejandro Gómez Palomo, is a phenomenon of men fashion industry. His debut show FW2017 was shown at NYFW and was called ‘’The most exciting show at NYFW” by W Magazine, made the dress for Beyonce Knowles twin birth announcement photos and was ranked 33 at the 2017 Dazed100.


“Aesthetically and sexually, I have never felt that there should be clear distinctions between masculinity and femininity. Gender is ancient history. People need to be brave, not close-minded and limited,” says Alejandro.


Palomo Spain Fall/Winter 2018

Palomo Spain Spring/Summer 2018



Palomo Spain Spring/Summer 2019


Last show was held at The Natural Sciences National Museum in Madrid, the hunting theme perfectly blended with the animal exhibition. Feathers, huge hats, oversized belts and pearl button details, and of course carefully picked fabrics.

 Did you spot how truly beautiful are Palomo’s models?


have you fallen in love?  you can check it out at https://www.palomospain.com/en/





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