Expectations are high. 

Breath taking architecture, high class restaurants, expensive boutiques and next to it all groups of homeless people laying on the street. It’s a city of contrast. 

I had a bad first impression because of the tendency of seeing everything that’s wrong in this world. I couldn’t help but wonder how city so popular can be so two-faced. Middle ground is non existent. Hot and cold. Rich and poor. Polished and polluted. All in the same place at the same time. 

Then I stopped for a second and understood that this is life. Maybe there’s no need to fix problems and just let it breathe. And then I fell for this city. I accepted it as it is.

I spent the day on my own. Simply not doing anything but walking around. For me that’s the most therapeutic thing I have experienced. It almost feels like as if I’m charging my batteries.

That day was burning hot outside so I had to find places to go inside every ten minutes or so. Coffee was ordered. I sat down waiting, looking around, analysing surroundings when she caught my eye.

In a group of friends she was actively discussing something in french. I went up to her and started talking about how her outlook spoke to me and if she would consider letting me capture her beauty. With which she responded – I don’t speak english. And I thought, well, this is going to be interesting. I asked her contacts and left.

People here are famous for being rude. But I just think they are unapologetic about having an attitude. No sugar coating. Just bare emotion. They simply are doing what’s best for them. And that kind of truth is necessary in our society. Being straight forward and nobody takes it personally. 

Problems here within others seem non existent or maybe people just refuse to face them. The leisure and inner calmness this city possesses took over me. I am simply starting to do what I want, forgetting about what I need. Buy the thing you want not the one you need. Eat the food you want not what you need. Enjoyment of fulfilling a desire. And for me that felt like happiness. 

Parisians have achieved the mindset we all need. The future is not worth a thought, because they are comfortable just the way they are. Forget stressing about tomorrow. The moment is everything. And If you just let it breathe you could find acceptance.            

Muses: Alexia ThuyKieu Bonanno Nguyen

Sasha Komarova

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