You’re doing something and then realise like “what the heck am I doin?!”. You realise how stupid and pointless this thing is, but you must do it because of some mandatory reason. Therefore, in spite of all the boredom and monotony, you have to overcome yourself and just finish that damn thing.

However, all those “do’s” always lead you to some kind of a result. Sometimes you may even love the result and who knows –  if this thing would be the same without all the effort you made (probably not)

This video is something like a metaphor to describe how I wrote my bachelor thesis, and I had only one thought – why, why do these evil tutors do this to us (just joking, of course they’re not evil). Whenever I stretched out one tiny thought in full 2 pages of text, I knew that nobody would read this, so I didn’t even quite understand what I’m doing. But in the end, I would say I did a pretty good job and did some legit research; I learned tons of really helpful and interesting things during the process.

The video itself was created almost in the same way – just take it easy and do it, and you get some inspiration in the process of doing it. Even if at first you think its bullshit – better to do something than nothing.













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