LE CONTE DE L’OUBLI. (the tale of oblivion)

Mrs. Bonnie Lowe has a desire for everything expensive and chic. She is always living by her own rules like – wine for breakfast or never going out without wearing red lipstick or even worse –  never ever, by any circumstances show fear. Egoistic by nature, with a huge sense of pride, she strolls through life with great expectations.  But it all comes with a price. She keeps on being tormented by two inner demons – syneidesis and prosochi. They symbolize her inner feelings of sympathy and care. They are ruining her self-made persona. She wants to catch them badly.

One morning she wakes up.

Hardly feeling a hangover.

She feels as if someone is watching her every move.

Heading out, she tries to hide in plain sight.

The dread of being followed hits her.

She lights a cigarette, listening to slow jazz that’s playing inside the cafe

That same evening she picked up her courage.

She summoned them in a empty dance hall

She now has them wrapped around her finger

Only to realize it was all a dream.

Photography – @sisnax

Models – @lavieboheemes,



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