What happens when the moon is as full and bright as ever and its  2 am and suddenly you have this visual idea in your head which just won’t let you have your beauty sleep you deserve so much on purpose? Well, you might as well use this sleepless time to figure out how to make this idea come to life.

I wrote to my cousin Sanny instantly. She was leaving the next day and has to catch a flight at 1pm back to England where she lives. It was a short message ‘’ Can you come over at my place early in the morning and bring your heels with you? P.S. I promise you won’t miss your flight.’’

The next morning I woke up … barley I must add (Full moon you are beautiful but two hours of sleep .. please), tired but super excited at the same time. A knock on the door and Sanny was here. She brought her ten year old shoes that she used to wear to castings and they fit just perfectly with my vision. I had 0 idea of what she should wear, because she is twice as small as I. Anyway, I improvised. I have a disease of buying vintage clothes that don’t fit me just because they are so pretty and I need those particular pieces hanging in my closet. Just in case I wake up one day with a smaller waist and butt. Anyway, I got these pants earlier for like a Euro which fit my cousin perfectly. Then I went to my fathers cupboard and found this white Polo shirt, which looked ridiculous on Sanny (my cousin) so I looked for something that would save the day and bring the look to life. There it was.. a gift wrapping ribbon stuffed in a box on my table. So I wrapped it around her, pinned it and voila! Oh and I added my 3 euro sunglasses from Aliexpress that I was waiting for about 3 months. Totally worth it, though.

I had a Canon T70 film camera. I also had only one film with 36 frames. So I knew this should not take  long. Oh yes, and the car that my father found on sale – a dark blue 1984 Mercades 230.

So we went down to the car in my yard where construction men were working and commenting on what we were doing all the time but it just made the process even better.  We were done in half an hour and the result was what I had in mind. Considering that I had no idea how to actually use a film camera (I do now). Sanny has always had this dream of becoming a model but never grew tall enough so I wanted to give her this opportunity. And she is a natural for sure. So here it is.

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