Hi friends! My name is Mark Sun Roz, I am a young sculptor and chief editor of the art section for Honeymoon High. To introduce myself in this article, I want to tell you about the deep meaning behind my latest sculpture which is also my bachelor degree work for the Arts Academy of Latvia.

“Ha Ha Oh” is a funny title for this piece of work. We see a classical sculpture of an angel walking on completely modern-looking plastic grass with a cartoonish flower and a chewing gum stuck to the angel’s foot, which actually appears to be a pink cartoonish worm. I have tried to combine my skills for traditional sculpture, and also my interest for modern, funky and humorous image, in a way that is also produced at a high quality. The choice of this kind of combination, material, and overall composition has its own story and meaning, which I will leaving for the viewer to interpret on their own for now. It is Important to share the concept behind this attractive sculpture.

Needless to say, this work is funny and positive… or is it? Why do we smile or laugh looking at this work, and why don’t we see that the scene is actually tragic. The poor worm is dead, he is crushed by a large foot, and our cute flower is next in line to be killed, hence the “Oh” in the “Ha Ha Oh”.

This reflects how we usually rush in a hurry to save our planet but overlook how we actually damage everything in our way. Or how we do not notice that what’s actually important is just next to us, or right under our noses.

But even deeper inside this work itself is the embodiment of an important topic about how oddly we perceive information nowadays. With the information overflow that we are experiencing, we are used to only appreciating the visuals of an incoming image. Attractive visuals, funny looks and trendy symbols are able to successfully cover up violent and negative topics, converting them to humorous or fashionable images, as it also happens in my sculpture.

I say we should be aware of this tendency, for the health of our society. Be strong under the influence of fashion, know your values, do not lose your sense of selfidentity, moral and truth! 

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