We all have heard about the Facetune app. This 21st century miracle allows us to take photo editing to another level. Just a few years ago, all we used to do for our instagram pictures was slapping on a few filters and calling it a day, but now, since social media is no longer used just to flex on an ex or show off your sausage-looking tanned thighs on a beach, we can turn our social media platforms into our money-makers. The app allows you to smoothen your skin, remove blemishes, whiten your teeth, make your waist smaller, your butt rounder, change the lighting and add filters, basically everything you need to look like the best version of yourself (or nothing like yourself). The Facetune app was created by four Israeli computer science PhD students in 2013. Now everyone and anyone can obtain this power on your phone or your tablet for the small cost of just €4.49. Celebrities do it, Instagram models do it, heck, even I do it.

As far as we know the first to bring Facetune to light was no other than the instagram queen herself – Kim Kardashian West. She could’ve easily fooled us into thinking that this was her true form, if it weren’t for the flaws of an early Facetune user; curved doors and wonky tiles in Kim’s photos we’re a massive giveaway that these photos are heavily altered.

Right after Kim we noticed her sisters – Kylie Jenner on the rise with her angelic 10/10 selfies, Khloe Kardashian with her super snatched gym body. Even the pop superstar Beyonce has stumbled numerous times altering her figure in photos dating back to the year 2013. Victoria secret model Miranda Kerr has done it, pop queen Britney Spears has done it, so has actress Lindsey Lohan, and yes even Lady Gaga herself. Mind you, we can only notice that a picture has been ‘facetuned’ if it’s done poorly (or over the top), so in a way these very same flaws are what gave the app the popularity it has today.

You might think it’s bad in the celebrity department, but what we’re about to dive into next is way more severe. I’ve got two words for you – Instagram models. People who attract million upon millions of followers (mostly young, impressionable minds) solely based on their looks alone. The trick is – majority of them don’t even look like that in real life. It’s all fake. I personally don’t mind a little ‘facetuning’ here and there just for your own peace of mind, but when you only have certain angles and a whole Facetune routine for every IG post you make – we have a problem.  While writing this I came up with a fun drinking game  – find a doll-like instagram influencer and take a shot every time you see comments such as “Goals”, “I wish I looked like that”, “You are literally perfect”. In my opinion, goals should be attainable and perfection doesn’t exist (except for sunsets, puppies and tortilla chips dipped in guac, those things are pretty much perfect). 

The only solution I see is an obliged #facetuned in the caption for every facetuned picture a well known social media influencer has posted. If you’re brave enough to use it, you should be brave enough to admit it. Sister James Charles, a well known youtuber and make-up artist, is a great example. James has made several youtube videos showing people how to use Facetune like a pro. He isn’t ashamed of facetuning his pictures to the max, and gladly teaches others how to achieve “perfection” using the app. James has also openly admitted that he facetunes other youtuber and instagrammer pictures for pay. So even if you happen to be passionate about something so silly as the Facetune app, there is always a way to monetize it.


I started using this app too a few months ago, when I had a beautiful picture taken in the Hollywood hills by a bunch of cacti. The only problem was that I could not stop starring at this little roll of fat I had hanging right below my bra line. I loved the picture but yet I couldn’t force myself to post it, cause I thought other people would be starring at it too, and that made me feel insecure. After a few years of obtaining from this miracle app I gave in to it. All hell broke loose. Now I do my photo editing in 2 parts –  first Facetune, then filter apps. I never do anything drastic, mostly just smoothen my skin a bit and remove a pimple if I have one. 

The problem for me is with the selfies. I used to post mostly pictures of my face on days when I was proud of the makeup I’ve done. Since having Facetune, I no longer upload close up pictures of my face, just because there is always something that can be fixed, and I end up 20 minutes later with a picture of my face that looks nothing like my face and I hate it cause it looks too fake. The app is quite addictive, so I understand why even such “flawless” people like Beyonce use this app on the regular. In conclusion, I think we can all agree that Facetune is a super fun app that allows anyone to look like their dream selves, at least on social media, but let’s not be secretive about using it, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Good example of Facetune.

Smoother skin, smaller nose, slimmer waist. I removed the weird shadow from my cheek and fixed my eyebrow ( in the raw photo sunlight ate it up a bit).

Raw photo.

What instagram models want you to see.

Raw photo.

A bit of Facetune.

Smoother skin, smaller nose.

Too much Facetune.

Smoother and toned skin, smaller nose, bigger lips, bigger and brighter eyes, lower forehead.

*if you want me to edit your pictures – contact me on instagram @betabeidz *

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