Underground culture and events connect us like anything else does. It is love for electronic music and for the freedom that it gives us, it is what brings us all together. It’s techno – one of the most selling genres of electronic music.

Jeff Mills one of the ”fathers” of techno once said :” techno wasn’t designed to be dance music, it was designed to be a futurist statement.” There is an opinion that it was an experiment to create a new unusual futuristic sound.

People’s opinions on techno vary, maybe that’s because it doesn’t have a typical dance structure. Some find it depressive, some think that it’s monotonous and can’t enjoy it without any substances. For some of us it’s the only thing that keeps us awake and dancing until the sunrise.

After the event ”WORKOUT” which took place in one of the most popular clubs in Latvia – ONE ONE Riga, that had recently opened an underground space where Philipp Gorbachev from Russia introduced us with his latest album ”unlock the box”. I managed to have a great conversation with the promoters of this event – 91Kidz (E:91 & TRASHY KID) who have been united since 2011 and they are doing everything for the society to recieve the good time they deserve with the right balance of culture and entertainment.

When did You first get in touch with music? How did it all start ?

E:91: I think first time was around 2008, I was got interested with chiptunes and breakcore, KODEK was huge influence for me. Later came fidget house I kinda fell for it and started to DJ. Later on it just naturally grew with doing some track edits and production stuff.

THRASY KID: Around the same time I discovered electronic music and started going out to parties. Fell in love with the nightlife and slowly started sharing a lot of music and making a collection but my first times Djing only started with the wave of dubstep and bass music where scene was more

How did You get the idea to start making events and what do you think they give to the latvian society?

When we started play more and develop our taste and ideas of what to do, we realised there is not many parties we actually would love to go. So we decided to create something for us & our friends to bring party experience we felt in love in the first place.  Society deserves to have a good time and right balance of culture and entertainment.

But most importantly , what do they mean to you ?

For us it’s a platform to showcase what we are into. Perform ourselfes, play around with creative concepts and most important – involve new creatives to do their thing. When it comes together nicely, there is nothing more rewarding than that. Also we are addicted to play for people who can let go completely and have the best time. A simple thank you is a motivation too, you know.

What do you think of the rise of the rave and underground culture in general?

We’d say: thank you, internet. Of course it’s very cool that everybody have a chance to check it out and see what it’s all about. But the word rave is used way too much and underground does not always mean quality. We are more concentrating on bringing the right experience and vibe in general. So the listener can come, feel free and have a good time.

What can we expect from you in the future and what is your biggest dream?

E:91: Definitely releasing music and getting out there to play around Europe and more. Just to keep the energy spinning, that is my food for soul.

TRASHY KID: My goal for now would be to help evolve the scene, new artists and keep building bigger comunity. Meanwhile, doing interesting events and playing good sets. Some music projects on the way as well. I’m a bit shy of sharing my wildest dreams, but we’ll just get there step by step and you’ll see.

How did you choose techno ? Why exactly techno? WHY DO YOU LIKE TECHNO?

First of all – it’s not only techno. It’s very important and influential but there is a mix of a lot of things in music we like. The raw energy and good sound coming from the speakers through your body making new moves and transport your mind into new places. We love a good sounding bass and nice groove that moves people. That’s what it’s about.

How do you think is there a big chance to grow and become big with this music in Latvia?

Depends on your definetion of big. Yet, if with good ideas, niche sound and knowledge on how to do it right, everything is possible. Since everybody has the internet, it really doesn’t matter where you’re from. You just need to find your own niche.

Some people see techno as angry and dark , how do you see it?

There is a lot and different kinds of techno. Angry, dark and depressing (sometimes) is just few stereotypes that are not always true.It’s more about the energy and feeling.

Techno music has a lot of dark sounds and techno in general has a lot of      darkness to it. These things often get interpreted as anger or adversarial emotions. Do you think thats true?

Yeah, that’s true. Well I think dancefloor is one of those places, where you can go to escape the reality and let your inner demon to dance or clear your mind. There is always feelings we avoid or sadness we try to escape but maybe through this kind of music you can actually embrace it or deal with it.

What inspires you?

E:91: For me definitely it is energy swap – when I play some cool tune and feel it that crowd is feeling it too, it gives you more energy to drop next tune and then it creates sensation of – “good set”, “this was nice perfomance”… There are some sounds that trigger some emotion that was felt on dancefloor and immidiately it is being transformed to some new tune that is going to played out on next party!

TRASHY KID: Seeing people in front of me lose their minds and feeling free. Good sets always inspire for a good while. Music is the main source. Friends, party goers and our international guests are also what drives forward. Outside of that – it’s definetly other art forms that give new ideas and inspiration.

Music history. How important is it for an artist to know what came before them?

It’s important to know the roots. By knowing how it came together you get a sense of what to do or what you want to do differently. Good to know the backround while doing something fresh and forward.

If it wasnt for electronic music, what else would you do ?

E:91: Dunno, probably Computer Sciences – i’m currently employed in Information Technologies.

THRASY KID:  That’s one thing I don’t want to think about, because it’s here to stay forever.

If it wasn’t for music – we really don‘t know, life would be boring, haha.


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